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Outsourcing your product and component production is nothing new. For many years now, the majority of US consumer products have been produced in countries like China, Japan, and Taiwan. Of course this was economically driven by low costs and an acceptable quality to cost quotient. Now your options have changed. With its aggressive industrialization, exceptional economic development, and large industrialist work force, Vietnam is coming into play on the world scene. "Made In Vietnam" is becoming a reality. GLC provides you with a feasible option to outsourcing from the usual suppliers. We challenge you to take a look at Vietnam as your outsource manufacturer, and we know that you will be pleasantly surprised at what Vietnam has to offer.

Vietnam has very favorable labor conditions with an abundance of literate, educated, industrious, trainable, loyal workers at favorable labor rates and a stable government. All of this makes Vietnam an excellent location for manufacturing. The population of approximately 80 million is very young, with over half of Vietnam's citizens born after 1975. Education is a top priority in Vietnam and the government has invested well in a more technical and advanced school system for its young population. In spite of this well educated work force, labor costs are still very low with average monthly compensation for unskilled labor at a range of $65 (for rural) to $100 (for urban) workers. Young, bright, college degreed professional workers typically receive monthly wages in the $150 to $300 range depending on discipline. Commercial real estate, supplies, and services are also quite reasonable, especially in the rural areas around the major cities making your overall operating costs extremely competitive on the world market.

The extensive labor pool in Vietnam has proven itself competitive in this market. Just ask companies like Coca Cola, NIKE, and Microsoft, who have chosen to set-up regional offices there. Low operating costs and a young, skilled workforce with an astounding commitment to quality is your answer to reduced outsourcing cost and increased profitability. At GLC we provide access to these outsource resources by identifying viable outsource partners and managing your outsourced production. We can also assist you in establishing your business in Vietnam.

At GLC, we have the duel capability to either manufacture the product for you at our Cu Chi factory or to find an appropriate manufacturer and oversee production on your behalf. Given an engineering drawing and/or sample of the product, we can produce the product or locate an appropriate manufacturer who can produce it to your desired specifications, quantities, and packaging requirements. We also have extensive capabilities to design and prototype products based on a product concept. Being here in Vietnam gives us the ability to locate these top-quality manufacturers and locally verify on-time production with the desired quality control.

As a product designer and manufacturer in Vietnam, GLC can design, prototype, and manufacture an array of products at our factory in Cu Chi, Vietnam. Our product design capabilities are proven through the successful design, trademarking, patenting, and export of 12 new products over the past 18 months. With our machine shop and C&C capabilities we provide precision machining services and we can custom manufacture industrial machinery and prototype/production molds for US and Vietnamese manufacturers at a fraction of the cost from other Asian suppliers.

Our primary manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Rubber and silicone pigmentation and compounding
  • Computerized color matching and pigmentation laboratory
  • Rubber and silicone extrusion
  • Injection and compression molding of rubber, silicone, PP, PVC, and plastic products
  • Silicone and plastic painting including silk screening, glitter application, foiling processes, and custom hand painting
  • Silicone and rubber sheet die cutting
  • Customized product packaging
  • Product design and prototyping

Our precision machine shop capabilities include design and custom manufacturing of:

  • Compounding mills
  • Extruders
  • Presses up to 300 ton
  • Cutting dies
  • Customized molds for rubber, silicone, and plastic injection and compression molding
  • Rotary cutters

In addition to our own manufacturing capabilities, GLC represents several high quality manufacturing companies in Vietnam in a variety of product lines. These manufacturers offer the following:

  • Granite Production and Finishing
  • Custom Wood & Bamboo Flooring
  • Exotic Wood Furniture (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Rattan & Bamboo Furnishings and Home Decor
  • Rubberwood Furnishings and Home Decor
  • Garments, Hats, and Shoes
  • Ceramics
  • Lacquerware
  • Vietnamese Handicrafts & Artwork
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Labor Intensive Assembly
  • Product Packaging
Send Us an RFQ and let us show you how "Made in Vietnam" can increase your companies profits.


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