A New Twist to the Saltwater Teaser Lure

The Big EZ™ Teaser Lure is the first truly new design in the saltwater teaser lure market in over 25 years. In addition to allowing for easy skirt replacement on our specially designed Big EZ™ teaser and smoker heads (patent pending), the Big EZ™ Skirt (patent pending) provides a level of style and coloration flexibility unparalleled in the industry. It is also the first ever production version of an interchangeable silicone skirt for the saltwater fishing market. Now for the first time ever, an offshore fisherman can purchase one jig head and change strand coloration or replace mangled skirts with an easy snap on/snap off technique. And because our skirts are produced from 100% high grade silicone instead of the usual PVC, rubber, nylon, or Mylar, the saltwater fisherman can now enjoy the same skirt durability that freshwater fisherman have demanded for the past 25 years. No more sun fading and melting. As compared to the nylon and Mylar strand skirts so prevalent on the market today, our Big EZ™ Skirt has a much more lively trolling action and with our extensive glittering and chrome printing capabilities, we can produce a silicone strand that is virtually as brilliant and reflective as nylon and Mylar. And when that pesky fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth tears the strands, a new skirt can be popped on in a matter of seconds. Another unique feature of our Big EZ™ is the ability to run the skirt strands in a straight back array or with an umbrella. Simply snap the skirt off of the head, invert the hub, and re-install to change from straight strands to umbrella strands in a matter of seconds.

The Big EZ™ is produced in 3 standard sizes; 11 with 2 styles of 80g smoker heads, 8 with a 50g chromed brass teaser head, and 6 with a 35g chromed brass teaser head. And with over 4,000 silicone colors including glitter sparkles, kamo, and chroming, the color selection is endless.

11" BIG EZ™

8" BIG EZ™

6" BIG EZ™


The Big EZ™ Teaser and Smoker heads (patent pending) are hand machined from solid brass stock, then chrome plated to a deep shine. These heads are specially designed to accept our new Big EZ™ Skirt

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