DuraCover™ Flat Shoecover
Superior Strength and Durability

Over recent years, the nuclear and chemical industry has adopted the use of a latex (40 to 60% rubber solids) male former dipped flat shoecover as a disposable unit for worker protection needs. These latex shoecovers have developed a history of failures, i.e., rips and tears during usage. To resolve this problem, GLC has developed a flat shoecover that has superior durability, UV protection, and functionality at a comparable price to the latex shoecover. As a result of our exceptional design and product development capability, GLC designed, prototyped, and setup fully scale production for the all new DuraCover™ flat shoecover. We manufacture the DuraCover™ from 100% virgin rubber, pigmenting and compounding the rubber ourselves. Since Vietnam is one of the worlds premier rubber producing countries, GLC can source this high quality, virgin rubber at a fraction of the cost for other manufacturers in the USA and other Asian countries. Like the UniTrek™ shoecover, the DuraCover™ flat shoecover is produced with our compression molding process utilizing a unique 3 piece mold and extremely high pressure, high heat presses. Because GLC manufactures our own presses and molds, our start-up cost was a fraction of that for US and other Asian manufacturers. The result of our development project is a shoecover that has consistent uniform thickness at 18 mil, is resistant to UV deterioration, has 4 times greater elasticity and tear strength than the 24 mil latex version, and is 10 times more durable than the traditional latex 24 mil flat shoecover at a comparable price. The DuraCover™ shoecover has direct applicability to the nuclear, chemical, and industrial worker protection markets.

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