The Finishing Touch to a Revolutionary
New Design to the Silicone Fishing Lure Skirt

The EZ Trailer™ (patent pending) is an expansion of our revolutionary EZ Skirt™. The standard EZ Trailer™ consists of either a 2 thick cut strand or 21 standard cut strand straight back trailer in combination with the 70 strand EZ Skirt™. It is offered as a one or two piece unit. The one piece unit takes a 70 strand EZ Skirt™ and adds a 4 inch 21 strand trailer or a 4 - 6 2 strand trailer. The standard two piece unit comes in both the 4 inch 21 strand trailer and the 4 - 6 2 strand trailer. Custom 2 piece units can be assembled in any strand length desired. It employs our specially designed hub that services to secure the trailer strands in place and fits snugly behind any of our standard sized EZ Skirts™ and CapWrap™ skirts. It allows the fisherman to covert any of our EZ Skirts™ and CapWrap™ skirts into an EZ Trailer™ and to change trailer colors at will. The two piece EZ Trailer™ unit also can be used with the traditional cut/banded skirt and the old style wrap skirts on the market today.

The one piece EZ Trailer™ can be custom produced with up to 14 different colored strands on the umbrella and up to 3 different colors on the 4 trailer strands. The add-on two piece EZ Trailer™ unit can be custom produced in up to 3 different strand colors. And with over 4,000 colors of silicone sheets produced in our silicone sheet molding process, the styles and variety of finished EZ Trailers™ is endless. Unlike any other lure skirt on the market, the EZ Trailer™ can be custom assembled to match the coloration of any custom painted spinner bait or jig head. The silicone molded hub provides a tight, secure fit to any spinner bait and jig head, yet allows for easy replacement. The hub can also be produced in over 10 different standard colors for the ultimate in color coordination. This product is truly an innovative finishing touch to a revolutionary new skirt design.



For additional photos of these products, refer to the PRODUCTS section of this website.

To learn more about our exceptionally styled one piece EZ Trailer™ and innovative two piece EZ Trailer™ add-on unit please Contact Us

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