JigSoc™ An Exciting New Jig Head Concept

The JigSoc™ (patent pending) was conceived as a solution to the age old problem of chipping on painted and metalized jig heads. For years freshwater fisherman who routinely bounces their lure off of rocks, banks, and docks have experienced jig head chipping and premature deterioration of their often expensive lures. With this problem in mind, GLC developed the concept of coating the jig head with a soft, flexible silicone. This concept lead to the design and prototyping of the JigSoc™ . The JigSoc™ is a soft (30 shore) 100% high quality silicone injection molded sock that fits snuggly over the casted jig head. The JigSoc™ can be molded to fit any style, shape, or size jig head. Once installed, the JigSoc™ provides a durable, chip-proof jig head. The JigSoc™ can be produced in a variety of base colors and can be glittered, silk-screened, and foiled to provide a truly custom appearance. Furthermore, due to the softer texture of the silicone and the ability to custom paint with glitter or foil scaling, the JigSoc™ more closely resembles live bait and produces a more lifelike sound as it bumps underwater objects.

The newest, second generation EZ Skirt™ is produced in 69 to 81 strands, but can be produced in strand count form 45 to 162. Unlike the standard cut and banded skirt and the wrapped skirt, the EZ Skirt™ can be produced in an array of strand colors. An 81 strand EZ Skirt™ could be produced with 81 different colored strands. And with over 4,000 colors of silicone sheets produced in our silicone sheet molding process, the styles and variety of finished EZ Skirt™ is endless. Unlike any other lure skirt on the market, the EZ Skirt™ can be custom assembled to match the coloration of any custom painted jig head. The silicone molded hub provides a tight, secure fit to any jig head, yet allows for easy replacement. This product is truly a revolution.


With the soft silicone stranded EZ Skirt™ custom assembled to match the JigSoc™ custom painting and foiling, the spinner bait exhibits a style and look unmatched in the lure market.

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