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GLC produces the highest quality silicone sheets available in the industry today. Unlike others who add chemical fillers and/or 10 to 20 percent recycled silicone, GLC uses 100% high grade Dow Corning silicone for each and every one of our molded sheets. This process yields the most life-like action and the purest coloration available on the market. Once compounded, our 100% high grade silicone is extruded and precisely weighed to ensure consistent molding. Our precision, high compression sheet molding process produces consistent thickness of 16 to 18 mil and even, thorough curing, thus our sheets and tabs lay flat and straight. The GLC sheet is quite distinctive from any other silicone sheet on the market.

Our computer matching pigment shop can match any silicone color imaginable and our 3 roll mill provides thorough distribution of silicone catalyst, color pigment, and glitter during the compounding process. Our print shop serves to further enhance the distinctiveness of the GLC sheet. We utilize a full range of printing and coloration techniques including silkscreen scaling, external glitter application, and a foiling process patented by and licensed to us by Z-Man Fishing Products, Inc. of the USA. Once printed and foiled, each sheet is cured in our 3 meter ovens. GLC currently produces over 4,000 colorations for our silicone sheets and tabs.

Our tabs are cut with high compression 4 post cutting presses and custom made cutting die sets instead of the traditional clicker press. This gives our tabs and skirt strands a more even, straight cut.


In addition to our traditional silicone sheet coloration and printing capabilities, GLC also offers custom art design and printing, complete with holographic foiling:

Our newly designed, 40 mil sheet fish (shown below) will be used in the development of our ballyhoo dredge bait unit. This new dredge unit will incorporate 78 of these sheet fish on 13 daisy chains suspended form our patented adjustable 6 arm dredge bar. Unlike similar units on the market today that use Mylar stickers affixed to a clear plastic ribbon, our unit will not deteriorate in the sea and sun, and there are not stickers to wash off while trolling.

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