SilaFlash™ Skirts & SilaFlash™ Big EZ Saltwater Teaser Lure

First Ever Lure Skirt with the Action of Silicone Rubber and the Flash of Mylar & Chromed Metal


The new SilaFlash™ Skirt (patent pending) is another first for GLC Fishing. It is an innovative new design for the saltwater skirted teaser lure, as well as for freshwater lures and jigs. The SilaFlash™ Skirt is an EZ Skirt™ incorporating SilaFlash™ skirt strands which are metallic/holographic foils and Mylar laminated with silicone or urethane. This new product answers the request of every seasoned offshore fisherman by providing a teaser skirt with the incredible action of silicone rubber combined with the shine, flash, and holographic color spectrum of a stiff Mylar stranded skirt. It also appeals to the freshwater fisherman looking for an enhanced shine and color flash not offered by any other lure skirts on the market. When sun light hits this skirt it emits a blinding flash like no other skirt on the market. And the new clear and base colored holographic material that we use emits a full spectrum of colors along with that blinding flash. The SilaFlash™ Skirt has gloss, shine, multi-color flash, and action far superior to the nylon, PVC, and rubber stranded teasers on the market today. It offers the same flash as a Mylar or metallic foil stranded skirt, except it offers the life like action and durability of a silicone rubber skirt. And because it’s an EZ Skirt™, it has a “perfect” umbrella and is easily replaceable on our special saltwater teaser lure head or virtually any freshwater spinnerbait or jig head available. For the offshore market, we make the SilaFlash™ Skirt with 60 to 70 strands in 4.5”, 6”, and 8” lengths in special clear holographic strands, chrome strands, and metallic colored holographic strands in over 100 commonly used skirt colors. For the freshwater fisherman, we offer the SilaFlash™ EZ Skirt™ in our standard 70 strand 2.5” model and as a 2 piece EZ Trailer™ in 3.5” and 4” lengths.

This skirt really shines!

SilaFlash™ Skirt - Smooth Clear Holographic

SilaFlash™ Skirt – Hammered Clear Holographic

SilaFlash™ Skirt - Chrome

SilaFlash™ Skirt – Colored Holographic


Our new SilaFlash™ Big EZ Teaser combines the SilaFlash™ Skirt with our custom machined chromed brass teaser head, color chromed in standard colors of red, pink, purple, chrome silver, and green; standard sizes available include 30g bullet head with 4.5” stranded EZ Skirt™, 60g bullet head with 6” EZ Skirt™, and 90g bullet head 8” stranded EZ Skirt™. We also can produce an array of custom machined brass or billet aluminum bullet and smoker heads in weights ranging from 20g up. Our custom brass heads are chromed and can be colored to suit. Our billet aluminum heads can be anodized in any custom color required.


The SilaFlash™ skirt and our new SilaFlash™ Big EZ saltwater teaser lure were designed and developed based on research and input from over 25 of the top offshore Captains in the world from the USA to Venezuela to Australia and Japan. This product answers their call for a lively teaser with maximum flash, color, and shine. As a secondary effect, the SilaFlash™ skirt has caught the eye of may top freshwater fisherman as well. As you can see from the following photos, these new skirts really FLASH.

SilaFlash™ Big EZ Teaser - Smooth Clear Holographic

SilaFlash™ Big EZ Teaser - Hammered Clear Holographic

SilaFlash™ Big EZ Teaser - Chrome

SilaFlash™ Big EZ Teaser – Colored Holographic

Shown here with the new indestructible Elaztech 9” Holographic PaddleTail offshore trolling bait.

For additional photos of these products, refer to the PRODUCTS section of this website.

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