Continuing the H&H Dredge Line In Maintenance Class Dredges for Agricultural, Industrial, and Civil Applications

Each of the pumps deployed on our Mudloader™ Dredges are of field proven design. Many of the base designs have been operating for over 20 years. Innovation in manufacturing techniques and design engineering refinements have resulted in a sludge and slurry pump design with more operating hours than any other pump in it's class.
MULOADER™ Line of dredges Are as follows:
  • 3212 Mudloader
  • 3210 Mudloader
  • 3208 Mudloader
  • 2406 Mudloader
  • NEW
    1506 Mudloader™ Remote controlled Unmanned Dredge

    Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge; LLC is committed to understanding our Client's project and manufacturing the equipment the meets and exceeds projects requirements as well as manufacturing equipment that is truly a long-term investment for our customers.

    Gult Atlantic Pump & Dredge is the only manufacturer and supplier of certified H&H pumps, power units, dredges, and replacement parts.

    Customer service when you need it most! Customer service begins before you choose to purchase a Gulf Atlantic Mudloader™ Dredge. Our goal is to provide you with the best information available to aid in your selection and assist you in making a sound purchasing decision for your business applications. Let us make arrangement for you to visit our manufacturing facility and show you our quality products. We will take you to view operating projects and allow you to see our equipment perform. You can qualify us as your supplier by how well we do in actual operation. Once you make your selection we will support your project as you may require assisting in pipe layout and design to make your project the most profitable ever. Critical Spare parts are always stocked in our warehouse and may be made available on consignment for those high profiles, critical path projects.

    Our Mudloader™ Series of Hydraulic Maintenance Dredges provides the highest production and are the best value of any Dredges in their class. This is achieved by quality construction for durability and long life, reliable performance by proven pump technology, the best in operator comfort, and the best service and support in the industry.
    Quality construction of pontoons and gantries are then mainstay of the Gulf Atlantic Mudloader™. Series of dredges. Our pontoons are fabricated of prepped 10-gauge steel throughout. A six-inch rub-rail the full length of each pontoon prevents penetrating impacts of debris. Heavy-duty internal structural framework provides outstanding strength. Each metal component is prepared, primed and painted using ICI Devoe BAR-RUST™ 235 with a finish coating using ICI Devoe DEVTHANE™ acrylic urethane. Once Final assembly is completed, pontoons and discharge ladder is completely coated using BAR-RUST™ 235

    Gulf Atlantic along with H&H Pump & Dredge brings over 25 years of experience to the marketplace.

    Our ergonomic operator control station is the most advanced system in operator information display available. While sitting in an air-ride operator arm chair with joystick controls, the operator has full view of a flat screen color computer monitor that details the system operating parameters of all dredge systems. These include dredge elevation, cutter head depth, slurry flow, slurry density, pump pressures, impeller revolutions, and a variety of electrical and hydraulic feedbacks from the main pump and dredge engine.

    Gulf Atlantic also manufactures remotely controlled, unmanned dredges, for dredging operations in hazardous environments.

    Field Proven Performance and Reliability

    Manufacturer of H&H Pumps & Dredges

    Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredges, LLC, of Lake City, Florida, acquired the H&H Pump & Dredge Company product line in December 2000. The expanded Gulf Atlantic product line includes a full range of hydraulic submersible sludge pumps with discharge outlets of three to sixteen inches, hydraulic power units from fifty to three hundred horsepower, and maintenance class dredges with cutting depths to forty feet.

    Gulf Atlantic and H&H, with their 25 years of operations have built a strong reputation of quality in the submersible pump, power unit, and dredge industry and has evolved into one of the premier pump manufacturers in the industry. The hydraulic submersible pumps may be manufactured from abrasion resistant carbon steel, stainless steel or cast iron. Pump cases and impellers are available with durable rubber liner for extended life in highly abrasive applications such as sand mining operations.

    These highly durable and dependable pump designs have been developed over many years. Changes to improve pump operations and pump performance, including the local area slurry gate, have been the result of many extreme real world-class pump that is favored by contractors the world over for sludge pumping operations.

    Commercial, industrial, and agricultural sludge pumping and processing operations use the Gulf Atlantic hydraulic submersible pump. These include sand mining, tank bottoms removal, feedlot lagoons sludge removal, and a variety of industrial waste pumping operations and sludge pumps for small dredges.

    Contractors prefer the Gulf Atlantic pump not only for its durable, but also due to its lightweight and ease of handling. The pump may be repositioned without the heavy lifting equipment that is usually required for many pumps with similar performance characteristics.

    All Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge products are constructed with durability, service and maintenance. Routine maintenance is easily conducted in the field with minimum of time, resulting in low operating cost.

    Gulf Atlantic Pump & Dredge is the only manufacturer and supplier of certified H&H pumps, power units, dredges, and replacement parts.

    Gulf Atlantic takes pride in manufacturing all products to meet our customer's requirements and Specific needs!!!
    Gulf Atlantic provides a cost effective means to meet your pumping needs!!!

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