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Hey ..Culligan Man ! As the story goes. We currently have ozone units placed with this prestigious company in their Orlando Florida location. When it comes to purification in the bottled water and beverage industry, Ozone is the disinfectant of choice. That is the very reason that US companies such as Culligan, Sunset Bottling, and Clear ridge Bottled Water companies turn to us to help them produce some of the finest product available.

We have systems installed in Puerto Rico, Trinidad and all over Central and South America, where drinking water is a serious problem. Ozone is used as a primary disinfectant in over 700 utility companies here in the United States. Major cities such as Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas, Palm Beach and Orlando use our ozone systems to disinfect the public water supplies. Ozone is also used in water reclamation. to reclaim sewer water for use as non-potable water. These USA cities are pioneering the use of ozone as a major disinfectant and as a substitute for chlorine. Our involvement in this field has been tremendous and we are proud to be part of the solution. Our credentials are impeccable, our service unbeatable and for sheer innovation and problem solving we are the disinfectant and purification system manufacturer of choice.
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