Technology forFruit & Vegetable Processing and Storage

Our involvement and commitment to this market is growing daily. We are currently working with some of the biggest companies in the industry, from Bonita Bananas to DNE (manufacturers of Ocean Spray), the largest shippers and packers of grapefruit in the free world. The story behind the growth of this market is all down to savings. Documented evidence has shown that by using our patented bacteria elimination system fruit spoilage at DNE's Indian River Warehouse went down from 22.28% to a staggering 6% !!!. The juice production from the exonerated fruit was increased from 1500 gallons to 2500 gallons per truck !!. Estimated savings in this plant alone is valued at 3 million dollars annually.

We have installed systems at the Kropf Apples Plant in Belding MI., and at Affron Mountain Vineyards as well as many more locations too numerous to mention. When it comes to fruit and vegetable storage and preservation, this process really works and will realize your company tremendous savings, resulting in higher yield, less spoilage and bigger profits. Our process is especially effective for fruit and vegetable exporters to dramatically reduce or eliminate spoilage during shipment.

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