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We have developed a water purification system that uses ozone to kill disease causing bacteria in shrimp and fish farms.

In 1999, we were contacted by Harbor Branch oceanographic on behalf of the government of Equador. Their farms had been infected by WSSV or the white spot virus. It had killed 97% of the shrimp population. As you can see from the photo at left, the sheer volume of water made the task of using ozone a seemingly impossible task. These farms have huge pumps that pull as much as 100,000 GPM from the estuary two times a day for 6 hours at each tide.

The farms are located in deep jungle with access limited to barges. Even before we could begin working on the virus, we had to bring in electricity, concrete all the materials for the building as seen above. Following a test and then a pilot study, we did a full scale installation and stocked 1/2 the farm with water purified by our patented ozone distribution system and the other half with none. We realized a 50% increase in the population of the ozoneated water as compared to non ozone. The farms were then restocked, the water is now ozoneated as it is pumped, and the virus has been eradicated.

We have placed ozone units for aquaculture throughout the world. In Norway we are working closely with Norsk Ozone on several projects. We have units in place with Super Shrimp in Mexico, one of the largest producers of Shrimp larvae in the world, Our systems are pumping ozone into the Equador jungle farms, the fish processing plants in Trinidad and the Deserts of the Southwest United States.

We are a recognized source of research, innovation , and product quality, working closely and in tandem with such prestigious institutions as Harbour Branch Oceanographic, Cornell University, The University of Miami, Mote Marine Labs, The Florida Oceanographic Society, and Texas A&M to name just a few.

Our involvement with Norsk Ozone of Norway, has led to many innovative ways to extend the use of ozone beyond the boundries of land. In conjunction with Norsk Ozone we are using ozonated water to generate the ice that is carried to sea aboard fishing vessels. The ice is used to preserve the fish and the ozone in the ice reduces the bacterial contamination, thereby preserving the fish for a longer period resulting in greater quantities of saleable product at market.

We are currently working with the University of Florida, USA on a process for two large supermarket chains to make ozonated ice which will be used to keep their produce, meat and fish, free from bacteria.

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