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Managing Director’s Letter to the Vietnamese Business Leader

Let me take this opportunity to introduce the Greene Le Corp. (GLC) and to wish you and your family good health and great prosperity in the exciting international business world of the new millennium.

The recently enacted Vietnam-United States Bilateral Trade Agreement, which became effective on January 1, 2002, now makes it possible for manufactured products from Vietnam to enter the United States market at a very competitive price. Our extensive contacts with the key US Buyers and government agencies can be of great assistance to you in preparing business strategies, acquiring partners and investors, and marketing your products and services to the US.

Greene Le Corp. is a consulting and international trade services company incorporated in the United States of America, with primary offices in the USA and Associate offices in Vietnam. We are primarily focused on trade ventures between the US and Vietnam. Our extensive network of Buyers with direct links to the major US mega retail chains combined with our excellent capabilities in business development, corporate partnering and alliance building, product sourcing, product and services marketing, trade negotiations, internet advertising, and e-commerce, make GLC the number 1 choice for trade and investment cooperation.

Greene Le Corp. has the professional staff and Associates, expertise, and connections to assist with your strategic plans, marketing, and US trade ventures. We provide services in international commerce, tourism, corporate partnering and investment, as well as the simple business of information gathering. As the world’s economies and business cultures come progressively closer to an eventual merger into one, it becomes increasingly more important for growth-oriented companies to understand and relate to leading markets like the US. We are available to assist you in understanding the US marketing, trade, and investor requirements, and help you prepare to meet the challenges of global competition for the massive US import market.

Our capabilities to assist the Vietnamese supplier wanting to establish or increase US exports will be captured and made accessible to our clients through our website, www.Viet-Imports.com. There are currently several companies in Vietnam that claim to offer e-commerce websites for your products and services, however, these sites are merely advertising sites, with no capability to actually facilitate commerce online. Viet-Imports.com will also offer online advetising, however unlike our competitors, we will offer true e-commerce. GLC is prepared to enter into a direct profit sharing cooperation with your company, invest in your products, ship them to the USA, and warehouse and distribute those products to US Consumers (B2C) and Businesses (B2B) directly from contacts made on our website.

GLC has senior market and trade Associates and government contacts throughout Vietnam and the United States. We have a keen understanding of market outlook in both countries. Most of our Associates in Vietnam are American citizens with extensive US business experience. They now live and work in Vietnam full time. As GLC's Managing Director, I have lived and worked in Vietnam for over 5 years and have worked directly with the country’s Ministries and senior officials. I now reside in the US but travels to Vietnam frequently. Our US Corporate partners and Sales Associates reside in key business regions throughout the US, including Californi;, Washington, DC; New York City; Florida; Texas; Virginia; Oregon; Rhode Island; and New Mexico. The GLC team possesses in-depth knowledge of successful American and Vietnamese business practices from actual experience at executive management levels. We are fully committed to alliance building, trade facilitation, and investment acquisition between the US and Vietnam. For the Vietnamese business, GLC is the one-stop shop for business consulting services, investor introduction and negotiation support, locating and identifying business partners, corporate alliance building, US technology transfer, posturing to enter the US market, marketing and sales in the US, and e-commerce.

GLC is a results oriented service provider. We strongly believe that if our services do not help you achieve your goals, then we have failed and are not worthy of profitable compensation. However, we are extremely confident in our abilities to assist our clients and to assure accomplishment of reasonable goals and objectives. Therefore, we work for you in a somewhat risk free basis. We do not seek to be all things to all people or to accept work in areas where others may provide a better service. We will analyze your issue in confidence and if we believe your venture is unlikely to achieve the results you desire or others would represent you better, we will so advise you.

When you employ GLC’s expert business Associates for consulting services, management augmentation, or logistical support, you will pay no upfront fees or retainers. We will first meet with you to discuss your needs and objectives. From this initial meeting, we will determine whether your objectives are achievable and whether we can confidently assist you. Upon mutual agreement of the scope of services and business objective, we will charge you a very reasonable consulting rate for our services, payable weekly with 25 percent retained by you until project completion. If your objectives are not met, then the retainer is yours.

When you employ GLC to assist you with investment acquisition or product marketing and sales, you will pay no upfront fees or retainers. We will meet to discuss your business needs and goals, and we will come to mutual agreement as to reasonable goals and milestones for your business venture. We will also come to agreement on our compensation, which will be fully tied to and payable with achieved milestones. Again, if we don’t help you succeed, we don’t get paid. It’s a simple and logical concept that many companies are afraid to embrace because of historical poor performance.

A third way of working for you as mentioned earlier, is to work with you. GLC is prepared to enter into business venture partnering deals in which we will share in the investment to launch the venture and then share in the ventures profit. These partnering deals will particularly be considered for product exporters wishing to penetrate the US markets. On a case-by-case basis, GLC would conceptually share in the expense to ship and introduce products into the US market prior to acquiring buyers. In most cases, with proper market and competitor analysis, this approach will result in favorable results and expedite the market penetration process.

If you are interested in our business and alliance building services or in our true e-commerce cooperative approach to enhancing your US trade potentials, please Contact Us for further information.

We look forward to working with you and sharing in your success.


Daryl W. Greene
Managing Director

Greene Le Corp.

20 Japonica Place

Pawleys Island, SC 29585 USA

Tel: 011.843,237.8698

Fax: 011.843.235.3333

Email: GreeneLeCorp@aol.com

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