Corporate Alliance Building - We Provide Access to Vietnam

GLC and its Associates are active in all of the major Vietnamese markets. As a result, our specialty services include linking US companies to Vietnam’s emerging product market and to compatible Vietnamese business associates. Through our business collaboration service, we research and identify compatible Vietnam businesses that can provide a wide array of materials/products/services to meet your needs. We provide expert assistance in performing due diligence and business company investigations for both US and Vietnamese corporations seeking a partnering alliance. GLC specializes in researching the bona fides, credit worthiness, and business history of companies based in Vietnam. Our experienced professionals living and working in the country can provide you with the information you need to decide whether your proposed agent, joint venture partner, acquisition target, etc. really is the company you are seeking.

GLC can assist you in collecting data and information about Vietnamese companies; economic indicators; government and municipal policies, laws, current and historical business trends; competitor analysis; market strategies; and political insight. We also provide profiles of various enterprises and key decision makers who can have an influence on your proposed business venture.

The information that GLC can collect from the Vietnamese business includes company registration; analysis of corporate history; corporate structure; company background, key person information, information on executives; financial profiles; banking relationships; auditing advisor and controls, operating situation; staff size; range of products; facilities; profiles of subsidiaries and affiliates; current challenges; market capabilities; etc.

Our investment services include investment feasibility analyses; business partners' credit and status reports; locating and recommending agent and joint venture partners; investigation and recommendations of in-country banking, accounting, and legal services; and comprehensive inquiry services.

Our product marketing and sales research services include researching advertising effectiveness; new product market research; competitive market analysis; market saturation; market penetration strategies; and recommendations on options for sales and marketing in the target market.

We assist U.S business in marketing their products and services in Vietnam. We use our knowledge of the country and relationships with government and other officials to speed your effective entry into this emerging market.

For Asian clients, we employ our knowledge of U.S. law, market opportunities, distribution companies and local, state and federal government regulation to assist Vietnamese firms in selling their products quickly or in setting up U.S. based subsidiary companies.

We provide group and individual business tours that include complete facilitation, scheduling, and corporate security during the visit. We arrange all the travel and security requirements of your high-level business delegation. Meet your plane on arrival, arrange transportation and lodging for your visit, set up meetings with government and business contacts, provide security during your visit if required plus provide any follow-up investigation needs.

Once in Vietnam, GLC can assist you with your business and personal translation needs. We are adept in Vietnamese and routinely arrange translation and/or interpretation services on behalf of our clients to help them properly represent their products to foreign buyers and better enjoy there visit. Translation and interpretation services can be arranged within 24-hour notice.

To hear more about how GLC can introduce your business to the emerging markets and viable partners in Vietnam, please Contact Us for further information and a free consultation.

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