Hanoi Flag TowerOnce upon a time, there was an unknown stretch of land in the far, Far East, leaning its back on a range of old mountains and looking out facing the oceans from a long shoreline.

One day there came from the ocean a mighty dragon with sparkling golden scales. Landing on the ground, the dragon turned into a strong and handsome young man in a golden cloak, whose name was Lac Long Quan. With his strength and brave heart, Lac Long Quan traveled to different parts of the land to seek and destroy all the evil forces.

There also lived at the time high in the mountains a fairy clan whose princess was the young and beautiful Au Co. Au Co was very skillful at medicine and with her benevolent heart, Au Co had gone from one place to another to heal all the sufferings.

Just as destiny had spelled it, the hero met the beauty one day, and Lac Long Quan and Au Co found out from their hearts that they just could not walk away from each other. Out of admiration and deep respect for the other's deeds and visions, they decided to bond their lives together and hence became husband and wife. Together, they did more good deeds throughout the stretch of land ever since.

Time went by, their deep love bore its beautiful fruits, and Au Co gave birth to a pouch of 100 eggs, which in their due date hatched out 100 babies, all healthy and chubby.

Time flied, and the children grew up as strong and brave as their father, and as kind-hearted and skillful as their mother. They were taught how to fight against the evils and trained to cultivate their lands. When they were all grown-ups, Lac Long Quan and Au Co thought it was high time of expanding and developing the land much further.

Hanoi Hoan Kiem LakeWith their original and family backgrounds, Lac Long Quan and Au Co decided to divide themselves into 2 groups with Au Co leading 50 of their children to go to the highland and mountainous areas, and Lac Long Quan leading the other 50 to the prairie and the marine areas. The children of Lac Long Quan and Au Co later divided themselves to spread out and settled in different areas of the stretch of land and developed their own group of people there, hunting, fishing, expanding, and cultivating the lands.

These 100 children of Lac Long Quan and Au Co are said to be the ancestors of all the Vietnamese, and that's why the Vietnamese usually refer themselves as "the children and descendants of the Dragon and the Fairy". All peoples in Vietnam are said to be of the same origin and they all always love and protect one another.

Today, Vietnam is a country with a history and culture of more than 4,000 years old. The country possesses uniquely deep and rich cultures that irresistibly intrigues & fascinates anyone who wants to know or learn more about it, and Vietnamese people are known for their great hospitality to always welcome others at all times.

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